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Accepting credit cards online is paramount for any ecommerce business and will dramatically boost your sales by tapping into the massive online marketplace. Merchant Services LTD can have you processing inside of 24 hours with same day approval and setup for merchants looking to use a virtual terminal. Merchant Services Proprietary Virtual Terminal supports electronic check acceptance If you're looking for more of a customized solution Merchant Services LTD offers a variety of gateways to cover your ecommerce needs no matter which shopping cart you choose.


We offer state of the art equipment for every retail application. Merchant Services LTD supports pin debit, electronic check acceptance, Stored debit, Loyalty Programs, Smart Cards, EBT payments just to list a few. Rest assured our merchant banking specialists will provide your business with the solution you need to stay ahead of your competition, and provide your customers with the payment flexibility they demand.


Merchant Services LTD's mobile payment solutions allow you to conveniently accept payments from anywhere, without having to carry extra equipment around.

  • PCI Compliant Fully Encrypted Secure Transactions
  • Payment Processing in Real Time
  • No Monthly Network Access Fees
  • Compatibility with all Major Smartphone's

The ability to accept payment anywhere at anytime is a necessity for many of our merchants. We provide a wide variety of wireless terminals that won't tie you down when you are accepting payment on the go. Perfect for trade shows, service businesses, and mobile operations our wireless terminals are an excellent choice for merchants looking to take advantage of lower card present rates.


Absence of face to face contact with your customers presents unique challenges, and Merchant Services LTD's proprietary gateway ensures a smooth customer payment process. Additional features like re-occurring billing and electronic check acceptance give you the tools you need in order to gain a leg up on your competition and provide your customers with the payment flexibility they demand.


Merchant Services LTD enters a partnership with every new merchant account we open. We understand that merchants shouldn't be penalized and charged extra fee's if they aren't processing during certain months of the year. That's why we provide the flexibility of seasonal accounts to keep your costs as low as possible and your profits up!

LTD Merchant Services is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Walnut Creek CA
and a registered ISO/MSP of BMO Harris Bank, Chicago, IL

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